Josey Baker is the actual name of the gifted San Francisco baker featured in this film. He lives on Baker street.

A couple years ago, he discovered bread baking through a friend. With no training, he started baking obsessively in his home oven. From there he built his business. You can read about his rise onto the scene here.

Josey's specialty is sourdough, and he's part of a long tradition of sourdough in San Francisco. Goldrushers in the 1800s were dubbed 'sourdoughs' for the pendants of starter they wore around their necks. This is where the San Francisco 49ers get their mascot: Sourdough Sam. The dominant strain of bacteria in sourdough starter nationwide is called Lactobacillis Sanfranciscensis.

This film is a brief portrait of Josey's transition from lone gun, traveling baker to neighborhood fixture.

In San Francisco we pride ourselves on the great strength of our many elite food businesses but have very little sense of what goes into them. This is a glimpse into that world.

If this film tempts you to visit The Mill, it does so through Josey's genuine charms: this is not a commercial project.

In mid-2011, we (Clare Major and Najeeb Tarazi) wanted to make a simple portrait of a neighborhood figure. One day, we happened to meet Josey. His last day baking at Mission Pie was on the horizon — it seemed like a good opportunity to film and reflect on his experience. The project grew from there.

Najeeb Tarazi
Clare Major

William Ryan Fritch

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